Rockingham Santa Gertrudis on the Western Plain

With the help of friends and clients we will offer quality Santa bulls and quality young females. The facilities at Tara are 1st class with the selling centre under cover, air strip, accommodation on property, and centrally located just 30 km off the Kidman highway. Tara is in the heart of Santa gertrudis country. Big paddocks, long walks to water, not always lush food, but a healthy environment.

We are excited to give our many friends and clients an insight into what Santa cattle can do under these conditions along with giving graziers of western NSW and QLD an opportunity to purchase quality cattle acclimatised to their conditions. We will be supporting buyers from all areas with our own truck running to major centres, such as Bourke, Wagga Wagga and Dubbo.

11th Annual Sale – Tara Station

Welcome to our 11th annual sale at ‘Tara’ Station. It seems the tougher the conditions get the more Santa Gertrudis show how valuable they are to the Australian beef industry. In our own operation they have proven to survive, produce excellent calving rates, sappy calves and recover quickly after periods of limited pasture.

The demand for Santa cattle has been, over the past 2 years, noticeable with our steers selling to a renowned feedlot at Hay as well as over the hook to Teys Cargill at Wagga and with the demand for Santa females always strong. Much of our current business is selling Santa bulls to British blood herds to increase frame, weight gain, calving ease and do-ability let alone the other advantages of pink eye and bloat resistance.

Please talk to us if you have questions regarding this strategy. Again we welcome the Moxey family and value their input into our annual sale. This year’s sale draft has astounded us with their reliance, some weaned early down to 160kg onto straw, barley and molasses, then bushed until December and back on light survival rations, bushed again and lately onto very ordinary oat crop and roughage. They may be a little lighter then usual but are healthier than ever and ready to go.

Just a note to NSW & Southern QLD clients to let you know of our recent purchase of “yallara STN” South of Charleville on the Neemamulla creek system. The aim being to keep our stud commercial breeding herd in production. Also this will allow us to deliver and or hold bulls for anyone looking to purchase at our upcoming sale at “Tara STN” 27th September. Our cattle are used to running under station pastoral conditions and are thriving in their new environment. We have paddock bulls for sale all year round.

Looking forward to catching up with you sale day.
Phillip Hague & Family.

Rockingham Santas

Tara Sale
Date: Friday 27th September 2019
Time: 12 Noon
Location: Tara Station, Euabalong West, NSW

Sale Results 2018

Dean Hague, John Settree, Landmark Dubbo and buyer Ian Walker, Strathmore Stud, Blackall QLD, with the top price bull $26,000 Rockingham Moonshine.

Rockingham Sale 2017

The 9th annual Rockingham sale was conducted on property at Tara Station Condobolin NSW on the 5th October. Despite the continuing dry conditions 42 bulls were sold to achieve 100% clearance, grossing $283,000 to average $6,738.

Top price honours on the day went to Lot 6 Denngal Legend (P) offered by the Moxey family and purchased by the Bassingthwaigthe family Yarrawonga for $18,000.

Lot 3A Rockingham L112 (PS) offered by the Hague family would also be making the trip up to Queensland after being purchased by the Becker Family from Jamally Santa Gertrudis Taroom for $12,000.

Also offered by the Hague family was Rockingham Le-Groove (P) Lot 15 selling to Murtee Pastoral Tullibigeal for $10,000

Australian Green Properties Murray Downs Alice Springs NT was the volume buyer purchasing 6 bulls for an average of $4,583