History of Rockingham Santas

The Hague Family has been running cattle in Western NSW since 1919, originally at Rand west of Albury.

The Rockingham Santa gertrudis stud was established in 1969 (stud no 750) using an outstanding herd of Australian shorthorn cows mated to influential sires such as King Ranch J135 Oak lea  Anthony & King Ranch Wizard producing a quality base to begin the Rockingham Journey.

In 1978 the stud and all farming operations were moved to “Millview” Tullibigeal where the majority of the stud Herd runs today operated by Stan, Phillip, Ross, Dean and their families.

The early 80s saw expansion into Western Division country around Euabalong West & Ivanhoe, where today 1000 stud and commercial Santa cattle thrive under pastoral conditions alongside an extensive sheep and cropping operation on Tara, Pine ridge & Whyba stations.

The Rockingham genetics have had a huge influence in the development of the Santa Gertrudis breed in Central & Southern NSW & Northern Victoria selling over 600 bulls into those areas in the past three decades.

Rockingham bulls have also had an impact on the stud industry with the sale of bulls to New Zealand and leading Australian studs.  Rosevale, Dangarfield, Warenda, Balgree and Santa lands, along with many others.

Recently outstanding poll sires have been introduced into the Rockingham stud (see sires), results have been pleasing and their progeny will be offered at our on property sale September 30th 2011 at “Tara Station”.


The life of Stanley Albert Henry Hague  (1937-2013)